A strong mind and a healthy body

Before embarking on a sport or a protein diet, seek advice from a professional (doctor and coach) who will advise you on the appropriate physical exercises, a balanced diet and an energized and strong mind.

Do you feel ready? First take a blood test before starting any sports training to make sure your body is not deficient and your blood sugar is stable.

We’re all different,
but ROA products are unique 🙂

There are as many physical preparations as sports athletes!

Take stock of your current life and adapt it to your new sports priorities: mental, individual work, habits, lifestyle… You will need to make sacrifices to succeed at your sports activity. Time is also a precious ally.

A diet adapted to your metabolism

An athlete eats between 6 to 8 meals a day when on a diet. He or she needs to consume proteins, carbohydrates and lipids in quantities necessary to ensure the body has good muscular quality.

Egg whites are one of the staple foods in a diet with oatmeal, oilseeds, citrus fruits, fruits, fish, white meats, starchy foods, green vegetables, raw vegetables, oil olive and nuts. ROA provides your body all the nutritional qualities of a fresh egg white.

Body and fitness professionals argue that 70% of the results come from food.
It is important to adapt your diet to your training volume or your metabolism. ROA exists for this reason! To provide nutritional protein solutions and you do the rest!